Sustainable development and the sea

Marine Management Organisation’s workshop

SUDG and the Marine Management Organisation held a workshop in March to look at what we do and how we can work together better. Please have a look at the zip file which contains Powerpoint presentations about key marine industries and also the results of the discussions which took place during the workshop. SUDG and MMO both agree that to ensure we continue to see Blue Growth and protect and improve the environment, it is essential that we look for better ways of working together, Discussing this in a collaborative and open manner in a workshop environment is an excellent way of examining opportunities and risks.

Please click on the links below, you will need Powerpoint and Adobe Reader to open the documents. If you are having difficulty viewing these documents please contact us.

SUDG joint statement with conservation bodies

SUDG has worked closely with Marine Conservation Society, WWF, the Wildlife Trusts and RSPB for a number of years to find closer ways of working to protect the marine environment. In support of this we have recently prepared a joint statement which sets out the shared goals of marine industry and conservation and urges Government to make sure that the network of Marine Protection Areas is properly established, resourced and managed. The industries represented in SUDG are essential to economic growth in the sea but through working with conservation, we all believe that the environment can also be protected and improved. Please let us know your views about the joint statement.Joint Statement May 2016

Economic value and employment in the UK of activities carried out in the marine environment

The Marine Science Co-ordination Committee which reports to Defra produced this note about the value of some marine industries to the UK economy. The note recognises the risks of using different data sources, but gives an aggregated GVA figure of £38.5 bn which represents the most complete valuation that is possible of the marine economy in 2012.





Marine Plan Progess in England

Defra publication on Marien Plan Progess in England


Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs


Dear Stakeholder,

Today a report setting out the progress with marine plans in England was laid in Parliament. The report, covering the period 2009 to 2015, is required by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.

You can read the report here.

If you have any queries, please contact

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Desmond

Head of Marine Planning and Coastal Integration Policy



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Committed to Sustainable Development

THE SEABED USER & DEVELOPER GROUP represents a group of industries that are each firmly committed to sustainable development.

But that commitment goes beyond just the principle – there are already many examples of real action.

We believe that sustainable win-win solutions are possible from what are sometimes seen as competing needs.

Our Reference Library

Visit our Downloads page for our Reference Library.

There, you can download our brochure and also SUDG’S submissions to Government in relation to the Marine Bill.

Marine Management

WHAT HAS LONG BEEN NEEDED is joined-up thinking – an integrated approach to planning, managing and protecting our seas. We welcome the Government’s recognition of the need for change in terms of policy, planning and licensing; and its belief that the new system can be achieved while holding firm to the principles of sustainable development.

We are committed to working with Government and other stakeholders to ensure that the Act makes a significant contribution by putting in place cost-effective regulation and marine management that benefits both business and the environment.