Sustainable development and the sea


THE SEABED USER & DEVELOPER GROUP represents a group of industries that are each firmly committed to sustainable development.

But that commitment goes beyond just the principle – there are already many examples of real action. We believe that sustainable win-win solutions are possible from what are sometimes seen as competing needs. The case studies accessible here demonstrate what is already being achieved.

Case Studies:

Seabed User & Developer Group – UK information on the sustainable development of the sea and the seabed

The Green Blue

An innovative initiative to encourage the recreational boating community to minimise its environmental impacts.

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A self-diagnosis method through which a port can assess its environmental strengths and weaknesses.

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Offshore  Monitoring

Marine aggregate operators cooperating to produce a regional environmental assessment for the eastern English Channel.

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Seabed Mapping

A coordinated oil and gas industry approach to mapping and understanding the sea environment and its sensitivities.

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Habitat Creation

Creation by port operators of 57 hectares of mudflat and salt marsh, and six hectares of grassland on the Humber estuary.

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Cable Decommissioning

A generic environmental assessment approach that analyses the environmental risks involved in recovery of submarine cables.

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Tidal Turbines

Baseline monitoring by renewable energy operators in Strangford Lough to assess the impact of tidal power on seabed habitats.

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Offshore Wind Monitoring

A seven-year monitoring programme at two Danish offshore wind farms to assess the impact on nature.

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