Sustainable development and the sea

Tidal Turbines

TIDAL TURBINE TECHNOLOGY has been identified as a key renewable energy source for the future. The Scottish government has recognised the potential of the technology and is keen to support it to a stage where arrays of turbines can ultimately be deployed in the open sea.

The Scot renewables tidal turbine is an integrated tidal energy generator with two horizontal axis turbines mounted just under the sea surface on a floating hull platform. The turbines work rather like under-water windmills, but in this case driven by strong water currents.

Scotrenewables are committed to protecting the marine environment and to contributing to the evolving understanding of the potential environmental impacts of their latest SR2000 machine and the wider tidal industry. Since the early prototype testing, an environmental monitoring programme has been undertaken around the turbine.

For the forthcoming testing of the SR2000 at the European Marine Energy Centre, an Environmental Monitoring Plan has been developed in consultation with Marine Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. This programme will focus on the potential impacts of the turbine on marine mammals and diving birds which regularly use the deployment site.

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